Joe Welsh is the President and owner of Life-Savers, Inc. Joe is an
international lecturer who has lectured all over the world in safety
education.  He retired from active firefighting and EMS after 22
years of active fire service. He is still affiliated with Pleasure Ridge
Park FD as an Associate member in training for a total of 34 years
of service with Jefferson County Fire. He was certified as an EMT in
1979.  Joe was certified as an EMT Instructor in 1997 and is still
currently teaching. He is considered to be an expert in the field of
Moulage, and has toured around the country at EMS Symposiums
and Universities teaching his principles and techniques of moulage.
Joe also holds a certification in Occupational Dog Safety where he
teaches principles of dog safety and protection. Joe has taught
these dog protection principles in the U.S. and Europe in such
places and Germany and Hungaria. He is also a certified Scuba
Master Diver, Advanced Open Water Instructor, Rescue Instructor,
and Enriched Air Instructor.  He enjoys Scuba diving as a getaway
anytime and anywhere possible. Joe also rides his H-D Road King
which provides entertainment between diving seasons.  He is also a
member of Fire & Iron Motorcycle Club.  

Joe also is a Safety and Technical Training Consultant and Fire and
Incident Investigator for a major utility.  He is a graduate of Indiana
University. He holds degrees in Occupational Safety and Electrical
Engineering and holds the CUSA certification from the National
Safety Council. He currently holds the office of President of the
Emergency Medical Service Educators of Kentucky.