Course Description
Dog attacks have escalated as a result of the breeding tactics
and the attack-dog mentality of many owners. We have seen the
horrible effects that leave workers disfigured and injured and
workers who are afraid to return to their jobs. There are over
56,000,000 dogs in the United States and there are approximately
5,000,000 victims of dog bites each year, roughly 2% of the
population.  The aggressive breed population is exploding in the
U.S.  The likelihood of becoming a victim of an attack is
increasing every year. This course will provide you insight on
tactics, methods, and strategies necessary to help keep your
employees safe.
  • Site Evaluations
  • Entering the Yard
  • Approaching the Door
  • While Inside the Home
  • Interaction with the Dog Owner
  • Reading Dog Behaviors
  • Man-stopper Breeds
  • Self-Defense from an Individual Dog
  • Self-Defense from a Pack of Dogs
  • Defensive Tools

Intended Audience
  • Anyone from the general public interested in how to protect themselves from dog
  • Safety Professionals and Directors who are responsible for Occupational Dog Bite  
  • OSHA Compliance Managers
  • Safety Directors
  • Managers, Presenters, and Trainers supporting individuals who work in the field, in
    homes, or on customer premises
  • Anyone interested in reducing the incidents of dog attacks on employees,
    contractors, or associated workers
  • Safety Trainers who address dog bite problems

Course Length

Initial instruction time: 2 - 3 hours

Course Cost

Minimum students needed for on-site course:  10
Occupational Dog Safety