Life-Savers, Inc. was founded in 1996. With a primary goal to provide quality
pre-hospital educational programs at a cost effective price. We have grown into
one of the top training agencies in this area because of our constant focus on
quality education and repeat customers.  We pride ourselves in offering quality
education for a reasonable price.  We pride ourselves in our relationships with
Louisville, Jefferson County, and Kentucky Fire Departments and Emergency
Medical Services and ambulance services throughout Kentucky.

Our organization is currently rated as an Educational institution with the
Kentucky Board of EMS (KBEMS) and the Cabinet for Health and Family
Services, and is thereby authorized to provide:

  • EMT-Basic initial certification and continuing education
  • EMT-First Responder initial certification and continuing education
  • HIV / AIDS Education for all healthcare professions

Life-Savers, Inc. has an active Physician Medical Director, which affords our
organization the ability to provide customized pre-hospital education programs.

Life-Savers, Inc. is in good standing with:

  • National Safety Council
  • Kentucky Cabinet for Health Family Services
  • Kentucky Board of EMS
  • Emergency Medical Educators of Kentucky
  • Kentucky Safety and Health Network
  • American Heart Association
  • American Safety and Health Institute
  • University of Cincinnati Occupational Safety programs
  • University of Indiana Occupational Safety Programs
  • National Association of EMS Educators
  • OSHA Outreach
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